Receiving the news of the birth of a little one means to design an exemplary newborn baby gift for the new parents. However, this can be a bit challenging as they are endless options to choose from. Gift-giving is not simply choosing a product, wrapping it, and offering it to the parents. It’s more than that. But with a lot of options available online, what can you present to the little angel? It must be something thoughtful and practical, so it is useful for the parents but also makes a sentimental keepsake. For choosing the best gift, you need to choose an ideal shop. Before you buy a gift, look up for the best baby gift shops online. Not only does this provide a range of options to choose from but also makes your shopping a lot easier and convenient. Here, we have curated a list of the 6 best baby gift shops online where you can find the perfect gifts for newborns in Singapore. So, quit pondering and shop now!

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is a one-stop baby gift shop that presents a top-notch collection of newborn baby gifts from across the world. With added personalization, your gifts go beyond your expectations. Whenever you are confused about baby shopping, instantly pay a visit to Lovingly Signed. The store offers special gifts that you can present to the new member of the family. You can even customize your hampers, assorting all the things that you need in a single set. Along with their products, their packaging is gorgeous. Sending your parcels with love and care, shop online to get some fantastic treats for the little one. 

Little Kooma:

Little Kooma is a wonderful gift point to shop for adorable little items for the baby. Since the owner of this store are parents themselves, they definitely know how to cheer up kids and make their moments joyful for them. The store has a variety of products to offer for every style and make little ones feel special. From comfy clothes to vogue accessories, you can find everything you want at this store. Also, they have fantastic items from famous international brands. So, if you are looking for a beautiful and practical gift for babies and new parents, Little Kooma is not going to let you down. 

Revel Singapore:

Revel Singapore started with the mission to offer thoughtful, meaningful, and practical gifts for newborns and their parents as well. Began with this aim and now this store has flourished to one of the most successful baby stores in Singapore. It is an all-in-one store for babies, kids, and even teens. Their commitment to excellence will surely content you. Plus, you can shop for products without going out of your budget. Revel Singapore offers free home delivery along with free gift-wrapping service, so you enjoy an affordable purchase.

My Baby Gift:

Do you want to surprise the parents with an exquisite baby gift? My Baby Gift is your place to be. It has something extraordinary to offer to you. In addition, they offer personalization which makes their gifts unique and special for the wee one. All thanks to its incredible products, it has become a popular choice among parents. Their high-end gift sets will surely make any parent go ‘Wow’. So, shop online to enjoy an unforgettable baby gift-shopping experience. Pamper your little one with gorgeous hampers from My Baby Gift today. 

The Elly Store:

The Elly Store is your one-stop shop to find every baby stuff you may need. You’ll be surprised to see cuteness, practicality, and sentimentality in a single gift which makes them more than just ordinary gifts. Here, you can shop from different leading international brands so you can have diverse options and choose the one that fits your needs and budget. The Elly Store supports mommies on this new journey and offers every baby essential to take care of their little ones during their early years. 

The MamaCat:

A mother and her two daughters design unique and attractive gifts for every baby that enters the world. The three ladies, with a passion for handicrafts and designing, curate lovely baby gifts. Crib sheets, blankets, duvets, and many other products from The MamaCat have become the moms’ most favorite. Moreover, they make their products from sustainable materials, so they make an eco-friendly gift choice for parents and babies. 


Baby gift shopping is an exciting part when you know a magical place to shop from. For every milestone of a little one, we rely on Lovingly Signed for an amazing newborn gift set. From the exceptional quality product to breathtaking packaging to the fastest delivery ever, this store surely has our heart. So, shop online today!