The Best Security Guard Services in America

After you’ve completed your security guard training, it’s time to look for employment. Here is a list of some of the top security guard companies in America where you could apply.

Security guard management software streamlines daily processes, cutting time-consuming steps like creating schedules, submitting payroll and providing real-time insights into team activity down to just minutes per day.
1. Allied Universal

Allied Universal Security Guard Services is one of the largest security guard companies in the US. They offer comprehensive solutions that help customers manage risk and keep people safe. Their comprehensive approach integrates best-in-class recruiting, training, professional development and management practices along with predictive and prescriptive technology for more efficient security deployment.

After this incident, public outrage prodded MTS to end its contract with Allied, which it has paid nearly $50 million since 2016 for patrolling trolley lines. Unfortunately, those efforts failed, prompting MTS to rebid for the contract next year.

Allied is well-regarded for providing outstanding customer service and offering generous benefits, and providing top quality training to its security guards. Furthermore, their large network of locations enables the company to quickly respond in case of an incident or emergency.
2. Prosegur

Prosegur Seguridad is an innovative security company equipped with cutting-edge technology and services. Offering alarms, security monitoring systems and cash in transit services; as well as unarmed guards for VIP protection services.

Corps Security may be best known for providing armored vehicle security services, but their expertise extends well beyond that. Event and manned patrol security as well as CCTV monitoring monitoring services are among many of their offerings to clients, while their staff also specialize in e-crime prevention measures and corporate security solutions are provided as standard by this firm.

Prosegur, an international security provider, wanted to quickly develop new digitally enhanced services at scale; using OutSystems as their digital service platform allowed them to do just that with POPS; an instantaneous communication app for guards that allows them to send alerts, view maps/images/change passwords instantaneously with their command center.
3. Michael Casale Investigations

Michael Casale Investigations (MCI Security), also commonly referred to as MCI Security, has been providing security guard services since 1977. Their founder Michael Casale retired as an NYPD Detective First Grade after 22 years of service; due to this training and experience he can “look at a location through criminal eyes”, thus knowing exactly which services will be necessary in each situation.
4. American Protection Bureau

American Protection Bureau (formerly Forte Security Group) is a licensed and insured private security provider serving Long Island for 12 years. Their services include nightclub security, event security, retail loss prevention security services, bodyguarding and secure transportation.

Security consultants can make helpful suggestions by visiting your location and    security services melbourne                                           evaluating its risk level, in addition to suggesting what equipment might be required, from standard locks to cameras and alarms.

Reputable security guard services conduct stringent background checks on their employees, regularly test for drugs, and offer adequate liability insurance coverage. In addition, they should offer tracking systems that track employee movements in the field and a quality customer service team who quickly address any customer issues or complaints. You can choose armed or unarmed security guards depending on your needs – plus remote monitoring for hard to patrol areas like pools or hazardous waste repositories.